I can help you turn your “big picture” into projects and actions.

Business Coaching and Mentoring

360-degree Business and Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Business leaders come to me when they want to grow their presence through improved self-awareness, better communication, and improved motivation.

Through expert coaching, underpinned by extensive knowledge and experience, I  support you to assess where you are now in your business or career, but also give you the tools and support to reach where you want to be.

Because my coaching starts with you, the person, the business owner, the executive, the leader.

In supporting you to become mentally, physically, and emotionally stronger, and enabling you to accomplish more in less time, and with less energy.

This is true 360-degree business and executive coaching, delivering the tangible results that lead to both business and personal growth and success.

Business and executive coaching that empowers you to improve your performance, grow your team, improve your productivity, and supports you in creating improved resilience, clarity, and direction.

Business and executive coaching that offers high support, coupled with high challenge A confidential thinking space for you to reflect on your own thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

And practical, results-driven support, enabling you to improve your self-awareness, understand and play to your strengths, motivate your people and positively impact the value you bring to your organisation.

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What we’ll achieve together:

Improved self-awareness, coupled with deeper understanding of others.

More motivation, improved productivity, less conflict and more energy!

Clarity of vision and values, leading to your future strategies for success.

Improved leadership skills, teamwork, and communication.

How Can I Benefit Your Business?

I support you to create business or career success, to lead with confidence, to implement the strategies that will enable you to get the best from your teams and to grow a business that aligns with your goals and purpose.

A safe and confidential space to explore organisational challenges
A fresh perspective around your current beliefs and actions
Accountability and healthy challenge to support your progress
Support to improve strategic thinking, people management, and interpersonal skills

What my clients say about me

I did not think I needed a coach until I found Julia. Julia enabled me to think critically about my business and think outside the box.I was able to be clear on my goals and the vision for my business which made decision making a lot easier.Julia is very calm and approachable and always gives professional advice.

I would highly recommend Julia for your business coaching needs.
Clothing Designer
Working with Julia was a joy - she brought to the space a knowledgeable calmness, and created an open and professional arena to discuss and unpick current business situations and personal aspirations.
Her experience across a range of topics and different perspectives was obvious.
The coaching sessions proved to be an excellent framework, and brought about clarity, a-ha moments and new thinking in my professional strategies.
Director CIC