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Coaching and Mentoring Services

Power Hour

Spend an hour with me and let’s get clear on the issues holding you back.

Are you struggling to overcome a particular issue in your business?

Is there a block that you just can’t seem to break through?

Perhaps regarding your pricing?

Your social media?

Your career or business direction?

Whatever the issue I can help you clear the blocks and get unstuck.

Book a power hour with me, and I’ll help you work through the issue and get back on track.

A power hour is the perfect opportunity for us to spend an hour together, defining the issue, exploring the possibilities, and creating a plan to move you and your business forward.

1:1 Coaching

I provide predominantly, but not exclusively, female business coaching and mentoring sessions, providing advice, support, and accountability to help you achieve your business vision and reach your goals. I will give you the tools to help gain clarity, direction, and the confidence to build and grow a sustainable business that you love.

Available either weekly or monthly, you’ll have telephone and email access to me to bounce those amazing ideas off, to talk to and to be a safe place when overwhelm threatens.

Whichever option you choose, we’ll get together either in person (location allowing) or online via Zoom. After each call, you’ll receive a detailed action plan to help you action the steps towards business success.

Monthly coaching sessions

Min. 12-month contract

Delivered in person / online via Zoom

Startup to Success

Designed specifically for those new to business, or whose business is less than 2 years old, these one-hour coaching sessions will give you guidance on the steps you need to take to create strong foundations and get your business off on the right footing. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at going it alone, perhaps you want a “business buddy” to act as a sounding board and a safe space for your ideas, or as reassurance that you’re doing the right thing.  Maybe you want someone to hold you accountable and to ensure you stay on-track.

These sessions are designed for you. 

You’ll gain encouragement and each session, we’ll focus on a different area of your business, to ensure you’re fully equipped to run a successful, sustainable, and resilient business.

Group Mastermind

1 hour, monthly online small group sessions.

You’ll gain accountability and support from every member of the group as we collectively focus on a different theme each month, from business fundamentals right through to mindset.

Each month, there will be time for you to ask any burning questions you have regarding your business and a ten-minute “member spotlight” to explain to the group what you do and any issues that you face.

Each month, you’ll be set a task and asked to report back the next month.

These sessions are ideal if you thrive in group environments and value the opportunity to be held accountable by the group.


Business Breakthrough Day

Are you impatient to get the ball rolling as far as your business transformation is concerned but lack clarity, direction and focus?

During this intensive full-day programme, we will create your business vision. Through a variety of coaching techniques, we will work together to dispel any blocks you are experiencing. I will empower you with the tools, actionable strategies and mindset you need for business success.

Having undertaken an audit of your business, I will help you identify the areas upon which you need to focus. We will work together to create a marketing strategy, as well as identifying the practical steps to take you closer to your business goals.

This day is for you if you want to take a significant step forward with your business and have the commitment to make change happen!

If you are just starting out or have been in business for some time, my Business Breakthrough Day will give you the actionable steps and support you need to create momentum, gain focus and propel your business forward.

Post Business Breakthrough Day monthly accountability and forward strategy appointments are available.

“Catalyst for Change” – 6-week course

This is an initial, compulsory step to working with me.  This preparatory work will help you understand your values, your vision, and the issues you need to focus on to gain business momentum.  You’ll identify any blocks that are holding you back and learn techniques to help you banish them for good!  You’ll come away at the end of the 6 weeks with more balance, more clarity and ready to take action.

Cost – £279 

This course is also available as a stand-alone element if desired.

Sign up to 1:1 coaching with me and receive the “Catalyst for Change” course FREE.

Corporate Training.

All my coaching services are available to corporate clients. If you would like your team to develop cohesion, to grow synergistically and to build confidence in their abilities, then please contact me for rates.

Looking to grow your business and achieve success?

Look no further ...

What previous clients have asked about my services

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Of course! In fact, getting help at the start of your business journey can mean you avoid costly mistakes afterwards. I can provide the practical steps and advice you need to set up your business and ensure you have all bases covered.

I use a variety of techniques ranging from traditional coaching methods through to spiritual techniques. My ability to integrate both corporate experience, with study in healing and energy work allows me to create a unique offering for my clients, which gets to the roots of any issues.


I work holistically, meaning I work with you as a whole. The course allows us to touch on different aspects of your life that impact your business and your success. In completing the course, you will have cleared a lot of negative blocks and beliefs which is the first step to building a successful, resilient business.

Absolutely I can! I will create a programme designed around your requirements. Just contact me to get the ball rolling.