Business Reboot Mastermind

Are You Ready for a Business Reboot?

Has this past year or so seen your business put on the backburner?

As a result of Covid, have you had to adapt your business, meaning your old systems and processes just aren’t as effective as they once were?

Perhaps the pandemic has resulted in changes to your products and services, and you now need to decide on where your focus should remain, whilst identifying and eradicating any “dead wood.”

As the world moves towards a “new normal”, businesses are having to adapt to a new, more flexible way of working.

Can you afford to be left behind?

My Business Reboot is a 3-month coaching package, where we can work together to get you ready to do business again.

These business reboot sessions offer focused support to enable you to compete as businesses re-emerge into the marketplace.

Business Reboot

What does the Business Reboot include?

Each of the three, monthly sessions are one hour long and will be guided by the needs of your individual business.

Typically, the first step will be a full business review – looking at your systems, identifying its strengths as well as creating a plan of action to eradicate any weak spots. Subsequent sessions might focus on: 

  • Processes – A full audit and exploration of current processes, followed by a look at how these could be improved.
  • Marketing – is your message still current and aimed at the right people (at the right time)? We can create a full strategy to help you identify and target your audience.
  • Goal-Setting – is your future vision still valid? We can define your goals and create an action plan on how to reach them.

Whatever your requirements, this 3-month coaching package will provide the business reboot that you need to ensure your business is back and ready to take on the world!

Cost: £550

Ready for a Reboot?