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Grow Your Business and Get Set for Success

What was your rose-tinted view of business ownership?

Was it working the hours you choose, deciding who you worked with or perhaps exceeding your employed salary?

And how’s that working out for you?

As business owners, we all know that the reality is far different from the view most of us had of self-employed life.

If only there was a magic formula to help you achieve business success.

(There isn’t in case you thought I was offering it.)

But what I can offer is support and the practical knowledge gained from 25 years of owning and running businesses to help you navigate the bumps in the business road, stay on track and reach your business goals.

That’s why I love what I do: –

To help women harness the power within themselves and empower them to express it, through business success.

To help women believe they CAN do whatever they want, and CAN achieve their dream.

To help them identify their individual path and give them the emotional, spiritual, mental tools to achieve success.

My coaching Power Hour is the perfect solution when you need a “quick win” for your business. The times when you’re:

Struggling with a particular issue in your business

Facing a block that you just can’t seem to break through

Looking for a change in career or business direction

Or when you just need to get unstuck

I can help.

Book a Power Hour with me and I’ll help you work through your issue and get back on track.

The perfect opportunity when you’re not ready to commit to regular coaching, we’ll spend an hour together, defining the issue, exploring the possibilities, and creating a plan of action towards your business success.

Hi, I’m Julia Ngapo and here are 5 things to know about me:

I’m the founder of a successful marketing and social media consultancy
I have owned and run successful businesses both in the UK and internationally
I was Marketing Director for a multi-million-pound publishing company for 10 years
I balance 25+ years of business know-how with training in Reiki, Seichem and Shamanic healing.
Empowering women to achieve their vision of success makes my world go around!

Your coaching Power Hour costs £97.

Delivered via Zoom, you’ll receive a recording of our session, as well as a written report of the actionable steps needed to move your business forward.

Sound good?