Business Breakthrough Day

A focused day of small business coaching, helping you get results …fast!

Are you impatient to get the ball rolling as far as your business transformation is concerned but lack clarity, direction, and focus?

Would you welcome the opportunity to step away from working IN your business for a day allowing you, instead, to focus on working ON it?

My Business Breakthrough Day is an intensive full-day programme of small business coaching and will empower you with the tools, actionable strategies, and mindset you need for business success, whether you are just starting out or looking to grow an existing business.

Small Business Coaching

For those starting out:

We will start by focusing on your business vision. We will look at the main pillars upon which any successful and sustainable business is built including finance, marketing, pricing, and processes. In addition, we will focus on YOU, the business owner.  Using a variety of coaching techniques, I will help you dispel any blocks you are experiencing and gain clarity, ensuring that you are confident, resilient, and business-ready!

For those who have been in business for a while:

I will help you identify the areas of your business requiring attention. This will inform our day’s activity. We might, for example, work together to create a marketing plan or work on your long-term business strategy, clarifying your vision and goal setting. We may spend some time on leadership skills, improving your time management, productivity or organisational skills or perhaps reviewing systems and processes.

Whether starting out or growing an existing business, a Business Breakthrough Day is the fast-track small business coaching that you need. 

It will give you the actionable steps and support you need to create momentum, gain focus, and propel your business forward.

If you want to take a significant step forward with your business and have the commitment to make change happen, then book a call today!

Post Business Breakthrough Day monthly accountability and forward strategy appointments are available.

Let’s see if we are a good fit for each other.