About Me

Who am I?

My name is Julia Ngapo, and I am an accredited executive business coach and mentor, an NLP Master Practitioner, and a Fellow of The Institute of Leadership.

My approach to coaching encompasses a focus on emotional intelligence – supporting you to develop improved self-awareness, better interpersonal relationships, improved communication, more motivation and less conflict.

I help you to navigate your business challenges by first exploring you. Your thoughts, actions and beliefs which underpin your approach to business and to support you in developing confidence, resilience and a clear path to success.

Along the way, we explore any mindset blocks; the fear that you aren’t good enough, that you can’t fulfill you role, that you’re going to be “found out”.

The result? Clarity.

Clarity on your beliefs and values, and how to incorporate these into your business or organisation.

Clarity on your own expectations of yourself, and the confidence to step up into your first leadership role, or to lead more effectively.

Clarity on your goals, allowing you to define your own vision of success.

Clarity, as you finally break through mindset blocks and the fear that has held you back.

And the confidence to approach your business with a fresh perspective and with renewed intent.

After all, brilliant outcomes come from heightened self-awareness, improved performance of both you and your teams, improved strategy, of well-managed change, and effective relationships.

And that’s where I excel.

Having started my career studying law, I combine 20-plus years of corporate experience, including ten years of marketing at director level, with owning and running businesses both here in the U.K. and overseas.

This experience allows me to deliver tangible results by bringing a high degree of strategic experience to my business and executive coaching and consultancy and supporting clients to define their business and personal objectives and to make their future vision for business a reality.

Executive Business Coach - Julia Ngapo

The values I believe in

Authenticity – Helping you stay true to yourself and your business vision
Empowerment – Supporting you, challenging you when necessary to discover and develop.
Partnership – Partnering with you, every step of the way
Integrity – Helping you stay aligned with your values

Julia provided a psychologically safe space to explore challenges, unpack them and seek a better way forward. It was a great investment of time to reflect with a thinking partner and challenger of thoughts. I can confidently say I am walking away with a deeper sense of self awareness, self accountability and have made many positive incremental changes along the way to improve my career, business, and life.


Director in Banking and Finance

Why choose to work with an Executive Business Coach

The popular misconception is that successful people don’t need coaching.  In fact, the opposite is true.

Whether you’re a sole trader, a leader or senior executive looking to improve your performance or a partner within a professional practice, when you’re working on the day-to-day, it’s virtually impossible to be objective; you’re too immersed “doing” and “being” to sustain a strategic overview, never mind create a vision to allow growth.

As an executive business coach with years of experience, I bring both a fresh perspective and the practical tools, advice and support you need to drive yourself and your business forward, whatever stage you’re currently at.

I recognise that putting any plan into action can be overwhelming, that’s why I work with you to create actionable and achievable goals, which will help you build the momentum you need to create business or career success.


I have worked with Julia for a few years and the thing I love the most is her ability to find solutions. Julia has such a positive approach and the work is all very practical. Her knowledge of all things
business is incredible. She is always there to support me with a gentle nudge forward when I’ve needed it.

What I appreciate is her honesty and integrity, I know I can share my successes and struggles just the same and she will help me navigate my way back to a feeling of balance.

She has a huge capacity to understand Intuitively, what it will take for you to achieve your goals and dreams. I always felt she wanted me to succeed almost as much as I did, sometimes more!

An added magic is the fact she works with you as a whole; mind, body, spirit. So you not only achieve your goals and success but also feel balanced enough to enjoy it. I would highly recommend Julia as a coach, mentor and business leader.


Wellness & Spirituality Specialist

A few more facts about me

I was Marketing Director of a UK-based publishing company for 10 years, achieving 20% sales growth, year on year.
I previously owned a successful marketing and social media agency, offering consultancy, management and training and helping organisations get noticed in the digital marketplace
I built a successful award-winning hospitality business in New Zealand before selling at a profit two years later.
I have experience in over 30 different industries and sectors, from legal practices and accountants through to coffee merchants and everything in between.